Change Windows UI language with Intune (Endpoint Manager)

By default I always deploy devices with English operating systems. Although I’m Dutch I still prefer English as my operating system language. Some customers have different requirements or do want to change their default language for specific people or devices.

Note: This does only change (force) the UI language. The logon screen, settings menu and some apps would still show the default language.

Microsoft Store for Business

I’ve added the required language from the Microsoft Store for Business to my tenant. Search the store for your “local” experience pack and “get” the required app.

Sync Store for Business with Intune (Endpoint Manager)

I assume the Store for Business is connected to Intune/Endpoint Manager already. If so, u can speed up the process by forcing a sync.

Deploy the app

Once the sync is completed u will find the Local Experience in the App’s section. Assign the application to all users/devices or a specific group.

Verify if the Apps get’s installed on the devices.

Create configuration profile

  1. Create a new Configuration Profile

2. Pick Windows 10 and later as platform and Settings catalog as profile type.

3. Give your Configuration Profile a name. Description is optional.

4. Click Add settings.

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5. Configure the Restricts the UI language Windows uses for all logged on users setting. This policy setting restricts the Windows UI language for all users. This is a policy setting for computers with more than one UI language installed. If you enable this policy setting, the UI language of Windows menus and dialogs for systems with more than one language will follow the language specified by the administrator as the system UI languages. The UI language selected by the user will be ignored if it is different than any of the system UI languages. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the user can specify which UI language is used.

Assign the policy and save the policy and verify that the setting is deployed to the endpoint. Reboot the device and see how the new UI language is now forced to the configured language.

Note: I prefer system/device groups for device settings and user groups for user settings. For the one above I prefer a device group.

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